Now and Forever Campaign

Change Our World Forever

Since 1980, Horizons Foundation has been meeting the needs, securing the rights, and celebrating the lives of LGBTQ people in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We’ve helped thousands of people in need receive lifesaving or life changing services from hundreds of organizations, and together we’ve made great stride towards real equality and full inclusion.

And our work is not done. Many LGBTQ people – even in the relatively progressive Bay Area – still experience widespread discrimination, violence, economic inequality, illness, and isolation. LGBTQ youth, elders and the most vulnerable people in our community need our support now, and will for the foreseeable future.

While we cannot predict what challenges we will face, we do know that if we act today- with the resources we have – we can change our world – forever.

This historic campaign will ensure that nonprofits have the funding they need to serve and advocate for the LGBTQ community, here in the Bay Area and further afield.

Now in the Campaign’s second phase, we’ve set a goal so audacious as to be unprecedented in the LGBTQ movement: By 2020, Horizons Foundation will have secured a minimum of $100 million in legacy commitments from our community, for our community.

This campaign will:

  • Create permanent resources for our community (through the LGBTQ Community Endowment Fund) to face our current challenges and the challenges we cannot predict
  • Mobilize increased, dependable, long-term support from LGBTQ people for organizations serving and advocating for LGBTQ people
  • Ensure a strong, enduring philanthropic institution dedicated to the LGBTQ community – forever

By including Horizons in your estate plans, these gifts will both help meet our community’s immediate needs and provide for future generations.

Have you already included Horizons in your legacy plans? We may not be aware of your gift. Make sure it counts and helps us reach our unprecedented $100 million goal.

To learn more about how you can support the Now and Forever Campaign, contact us at or 415-398-2333.