Gifts That Reduce Your Taxes

You can reduce your taxes while fueling the LGBTQ movement in the Bay Area and beyond for years to come.

Gift of a life insurance policy

If you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need, you can use it to reduce your taxes and create a legacy gift for Horizons to empower and protect LBGTQ people for generations to come. When you transfer ownership of the policy to Horizons Foundation during your lifetime, you may receive an immediate tax deduction. Or by naming us as a beneficiary, your estate will receive a charitable deduction, which may reduce your estate taxes.

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust, or CLT, is a way of making a gift to Horizons Foundation that reduces your gift and estate taxes and also allows you to control the timing of when your family or loved ones receive your assets.

There are two ways charitable lead trusts make payments:

  • A charitable lead annuity trust pays a fixed amount each year to Horizons and is more attractive when interest rates are low.
  • A charitable lead unitrust pays a variable amount each year based on the value of the assets in the trust. With a unitrust, if the trust’s assets go up in value, the payments to Horizons go up as well.

By setting up a charitable lead trust, you can save on taxes, provide for your loved ones, and save build for our community’s future! Contact us to learn more or to receive a customized illustration of your benefits.

Savings bonds

When you redeem savings bonds, you or the person you leave your bonds to will owe income tax on the appreciation. You can eliminate the income tax on bonds you own that have stopped earning interest and that you plan to redeem. Because Horizons is tax-exempt, 100 percent of your gift of savings bonds will support our mission.


  • Reduce income tax
  • Reduce income tax and estate taxes for your loved ones
  • Create your Legacy of Pride with Horizons for LGBTQ people

To learn more about fueling the LGBTQ movement, contact us at or 415-398-2333 for information and guidance.